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  • Lesthaven

    A bustling port town on the Southwestern-most point of Novostaat. Founded by The Empire, it's the largest and fastest growing Empire settlement on the island. Featuring a mix of races including humans, elves, dwarves, halfings, half-elves, half-orcs, and …

  • Solende

    The Imperial capital city of [[Novostaat | Novostaat]]. Originally named Oshana, the city was the capital of the Sea Elves' nation until the Empire took control. In the ensuing fight, it was heavily damaged, but has been rebuilt admirably in the decades …

  • Luca's Village

    A tiny village located along the Southern coast of [[Novostaat | Novostaat]]. It was attacked by half-orc pirates, but saved through the efforts of the [[Adventurers Against Pirates | Adventurers Against Pirates]], [[:rico | Rico]] the bear, and a young …

  • Volkwald

    A town on the border of a huge forest in [[Novostaat | Novostaat]]. It used to be under attack by several plant-infected wolves until they were defeated by the Adventures Against Wolves. It is run by a mayor who's also a burlesque dancer.