Tag: human


  • Luca

    A young boy, maybe 13 years old, from the appropriately named [[Luca's Village | Luca's Village]]. The [[Adventurers Against Pirates | Adventurers Against Pirates]] found him rooting through bodies in a nearby village, and persuaded him to take them to …

  • Slouf Stax

    An imposing old man who runs the Stax House in [[Lesthaven | Lesthaven]]. He's large, muscled, imposing, yet friendly, and has massive mutton-chops. He seems to have a connection with a mysterious group of adventurers.

  • Eye Patch Man

    Got in an argument with Slouf over storing something in the tavern. Known associates: Large Orc woman, friendly Dragonborne

  • Vincent

    A merchant who hired [[:elias-l-avalen | Elias L'Avalen]], [[:luciano | Luciano Saramago]], Spinelli and Eau to escort his cart to Millbrook. He waited several weeks for anyone to take him up on his offer. A bit of a drunk, but also a kind soul and a …

  • Victor

    A soldier of the Empire stationed in the town of Millbrook in [[Novostaat | Novostaat]]. He killed [[:vincent | Vincent]] because the merchant was trying to bring weapons to a rebel group. In retaliation, our team of adventures fought back. He was subdued …