After uniting the entire continent the Empire headed east across the vast Boiling Sea. They landed on a new continent, inhabited by strange elven beings who held immense magical power. Not only did the elves have more common power, the land itself carried magical power that the people of the Empire had never seen before. Creatures were affected by the magic and became strange perversions of what they used to be. It wasn’t long after settlers arrived on the continent and settled the colony of Novostaat, that some realized they had been blessed with new magical power of their own. Upon hearing this the Empire realized the potential of this new land and deiced that it needed to be conquered.

Meanwhile, turmoil struck the elves of Western Coast. Their newest ruler, King Waraki, had grown unhinged and violent, killing elves for all manner of slights, both real and imagined. His commands bordered on forced genocide. A rebellion brewed under the command of one of the King’s daughters, Harakoke, and the elves of the Western Coast grew divided. Many fled the fighting and head east into the vast, untamed wilderness. Realizing the opportunity, the Empire allied with the rebel elves on the grounds that they will be the new rulers of the land. Having little choice, the rebels agreed, and the full might of the Empire decimated the King’s forces and proclaimed themselves the rulers of the new colony of Novostaat. In the aftermath, even more elves fled west to avoid joining the Empire, but many remained, hoping for peace, at least.

In the 50 years after the Empire’s victory, the military has been stabilizing the cities and towns along the coast. In this time of relative peace and prosperity, Novostaat wishes to push eastward on the continent. Even the native elves fear venturing further east into dangerous lands filled with strange creatures and even stranger magic. Given the risk, the Empire has issued a “Call for Exploration.” Upon the promise of adventure and the possibility of great fame and riches, adventures of all races have headed for the new continent.

You are one such adventurer, currently located in the bustling port town of Lesthaven, the largest city in the colony of Novostaat. Lesthaven is located on the southwest corner of a new continent, one that will be yours to explore, exploit, or save. The choices, as always, are yours.

Tales of Novostaat

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